Welcome traveller, to the new Last Stand Readiness & Tactical website. Our retail store is currently being built and will be opening late July to early August, with any luck. The heavy construction has been completed, so next is electrical, paint and fixtures. We're well into the product acquisition phase as well, so if there is a readiness or tactical product or manufacturer you'd like to suggest, feel free to Contact Us or add a comment here.

We're working hard to bring you something unique and...yes better in the guns, gear and preps scene. We've sourced many less-common and hard-to-find items, and have our eye on stocking things that lead their segment in value and practicality. We use most of these products ourselves, so rather than the same old copy-and-paste product descriptions, we'll provide unique insight into a product's many uses and particular strengths.

One of the early goals of our business was to keep our inventory system synchronized between the retail and online outlets, and we've acheived this. If a product is listed as being in stock on this site, then we have it on hand. Now, in all honesty there is a possiblility that someone may be standing in line in-store or currently checking out with the item you have your eye on. We look to minimize these situations by keeping our inventory strong and indicating when a product is habitually low-stock. We'll make every effort to make things right if this happens though.

That's all for now. Thank you for supporting "Last Stand" and we look forward to serving you soon and helping you to become more prepared and tactically-formidable.

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