New products

Tornado 650KV Stun Gun

650,000 Volts

Cold Steel - 4" Ti-Lite

Excellent pocket knife !

Byrd Rescue 2 FRN


Bulldog Vaults

Ca. Approved

Glock OEM Backpack- Black

You can have your firearm AND laptop at Starbucks.

Glock OEM Backpack- Coyote

You can have your firearm AND laptop at Starbucks.

Glock OEM Range Bag- Black

Holds 4 pistols.

Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attache

Absolutely excellent range bag.

Condor 1Up1Down Graphic T-Shrit

Nice n thin.
From $18.95

Condor Fleece Multi Wrap

Keep your face warm.
From $14.95

Carabiner Keychain- FDE


Carabiner Keychain- Gun Metal


Condor Fold Out Medical Bag

Perfect for the car or boat.
From $27.95

Condor Solveig Assault Pack- MultiCam

If you want to carry your laptop in style.

Condor Venture Pack- MultiCam

Nice size for a day hike.

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Lots of room for P.O.Gie bait
From $99.95

Condor Frontier Outdoor Pack

Part of Condor Elite Series
From $133.95

Condor Tactical Response Bag

Good for a range or medical bag
From $42.95

Condor Rover Pack

Great for a day hike!
From $99.95

Glock Extended Slide Lock

Fits Gen 3/4

Dry Sterile Burn Dressing Cravat XL

Dimensions: Bandage: 45 in. x 45 in. x 63 in. Vacuum Packaged: W 4.5 in. x H 4 in. x D 0.5 in.

Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing 4"- White

4 inch Flat: Bandage: L 60 in. x W 4 in. Pad: H 6 in. x W 4 in. Packaged: L 4.25 in. x W 2.75 in. x D 0.875 in. Weight: 2.0 oz

Diamondback AR-15 5.56 CC

Economically Viable
Price in store

Kel-Tec KSG

Big things come in small packages
Price in store

Zev Technologies- Core Elite 5.56 16"

Forged AR Rifle
Price in store

Daniel Defense DD5 V4-CC

7.62 x 51mm / .308 Winchester **Ca. Compliant**
Price in store