LSR&T Bug Out Bag/ Readiness Pack

Finally, a Readiness Pack Built Entirely with Quality Components. No Junk, No Cut Corners
Manufacturer: LSR&T

LSR&T Bug Out Bag/ Readiness Pack Details


Looking for a complete ready pack or bugout bag with quality components?
We've worked to develop a quality kit with tested components - No junk, no cut corners. From Hydration & Nutrition to Safety & Security, this kit is a solid starting point for anyone. 

Choose your carrier or storage mechanism: a Medium Assault Pack from Condor, a top flight USMC Ruck made by Eagle Industries, or a simple food grade bucket and Gamma Seal lid.

Check out what's included in our pack - the components speak for themselves:

  • 1 Base Tarp from Ultimate Survival Technologies
  • 1 Escape Bivvy From Adventure Medical
  • 1 lightweight Survival Poncho from Gerber
  • 1 Duracell LED Flashlight or Ultra-Bright Focusable LED Flashlight
  • 1 Glock Field Knife
  • 1 Slim Rescue Howler from Adventure  Medical
  • 1 Vestergaard Frandsen LifeStraw Water Filter
  • 10 Katadyn Water Purification Tablets 
  • 1 Nalgene Canteen from Liberty Mountain
  • 1 Knife and Tool Sharpener from Accusharp
  • 1 Duct Tape from Adventure Medical
  • 1-50' of Military Grade Paracord
  • 1-7" Pry Bar from Stanley
  • 1 Magnesium Bar (Firestarter) from Ultimate Survival Technologies
  • 1 X-Proof Waterproof bag from ITW Military Products
  • 1 Waterproof matches from UCO
  • 4 Tactical Chemlights from Cyalume
  • 1 Firelight Kit from Adventure Medical
  • 1 Field Trauma Medical Kit with QuikClot from Adventure Medical
  • 1 Pair of Work Gloves from Mechanix
  • 1 LED Headlamp
  • 2 BIC Lighters 
  • 3 Warfighter MRE's
  • 3 Emergency Drinking Water Pouches  
  • 1 Stanley Stainless Steel Nested Cooker Set and Cups
  • 1 Fresh Bath Body Wipes from Adventure Medical
  • 1 Sawyer Sunblock with Insect Repellent
  • 3 Prepasted Toothbrushes / Individual Bar Soap and Zip lock Baggies for Storage
  • 2 Fuel Pucks from Shelf Reliance 
  • 2-10 Hour Warmers from Hot Hands 
  • 4 Surgical Grade Face Masks

30+ Quality, Brand Name items to give you piece of mind. We challenge you to find a better product at a better price. 

Feel free to talk to us about changes, additions or substitutions.


LSR&T Bug Out Bag/ Readiness Pack Condor Medium Assault Pack
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