Ranger Up! Spartan "Man Next To You" Tee Shirt

"It's about the man next to you, and that's it."
Manufacturer: Ranger Up!

Ranger Up! Spartan "Man Next To You" Tee Shirt Details



This shirt is absolutely inspired by Hoot's speech in Blackhawk Down about why he is a soldier. You join for your country and your values, but you fight for the Band of Brothers and Sisters you love more than life itself.

We used Spartan imagery with interlocking shields on the front because of the symbolism. Alone, a Spartan Warrior was more fierce than other men, but was still just one man. United with his brothers, he was unstoppable. If he failed to do his duty - to fill his gap in the line and fight with everything he had - his brothers would be killed. That was a fate worse than death then, as it is now.

The back shows two clasped hands over the Spartan Shield with the quote. "It's about the man next to you. And that's it."

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